Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are a group of volunteers elected by the Lake Association members.  They work hard to ensure events like the Regatta, Corn Roast, Family Fun Day and Sailing Races are successful for all Lake Hughes residents to enjoy.  If you wish to volunteer to support any of these events, please contact us at

Officers and Directors for 2019/20 are:

President – Jeff Lough

1st VP - Anthony Manconi

2nd VP – Daniel Leduc

Secretary – Richard Lough

Treasurer – Mark Vandzura

Past President – Lori Anne Vandzura

Directors: Heather McCullough, Clark Shaw, Marian Gilmer, Mike Berry, Suzanne Farago, Rick Moffat,  Don Manconi and Bruno Estebeteguy, Ron Kelley and  Jacqueline Kazuke, Rob Spencer